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San Jose Renaissance Faire and Fantasy Fest throws a double punch August 3-4th with a blend of Renaissance and Fantasy entertainment for the whole family.

Rub elbows with nobility, beautiful ladies, and Knights, meet the Queen of England, Fairy Queens Ogres, and Mermaids. Take in Imperial Knights and their whimsical theatrics, equestrian skills, and jousting proficiency. Hundreds of pounds of man, horse, and metal collide and do battle right before your eyes. Enjoy, intense armored fighting competitions, birds of pray, pirate ships and bouncy castle for the little ones. 

The Artisan Marketplace has trinkets and baubles for every purse-size and taste! Enjoy our amazing alehouse and sample our show’s selection of foods, sweets, wines, mead, and delicious ales!

Let loose; come in costume (if you want a more immersive experience) and participate in Costume contests and Talk Like a Pirate Contests! 

Tickets sales happening now on Eventbrite ( Tickets also will be sold at the gate. Each ticket is for one-day admission. There are no refunds.


Event Overivew

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